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If you are a user of social media, then you have probably wondered: is Facebook and Instagram coordinating harm? While Facebook was quick to point out that fake news could have damaging consequences, it did not pay much attention to the obvious threat posed by a small group of dedicated users. But it seems that a few companies have decided to join forces and do some serious damage to their reputation. These companies are Facebook and Instagram, and they are in a position to take down Facebook and instagram.

But how is the company coordinating harm with its newest products? It seems that executives are not sending high-level overviews of their research to regulators, and this is a problem. Perhaps they should try to figure out a way to share high-level overviews of their research. Perhaps Facebook should offer the data it collects to external researchers. The company’s Instagram kids product is another example of an area that has been controversial.

But it is not just the data that is troubling. The company’s internal research has also revealed that its employees are aware of a range of problems with Facebook. Its “safe list” includes prominent individuals and entities. But despite its “PR fires,” this list may not be enough to stop the scourge. The company is running into a number of roadblocks, according to one of its executives.



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