Everything You Need to Know About Pressure Washer Machines and Their Prices in Kenya

If you have big cleaning jobs that you would like don ve easier and faster, a pressure washer is here for you. It can be utilized for various outside tasks which include cleaning your backyard, cleaning the decks and driveways, patio furniture, surface prepping for painting, and even vehicles.

It is a tough world outside and things get messy, stained, and dirty. Most times elbow grease or soap just isn’t enough for proper cleaning therefore I recommend a pressure washer.

A simple definition of a pressure washer

A pressure washer is a washing machine that makes use of water with high force. It sprays water with a lot of force that drives out dirt from surfaces very fast, often used to clean vehicles carpets or the backyards, animal sheds, or any other surface.

For this machine, water is the most important component, and more importantly, the machine saves water as compared to using other cleaning tools.

A pressure washer has a lot of benefits and is more effective for cleaning muddy and dirty floors therefore it is a recommendation for every household to have one. Below is a sample picture of a pressure washer machine.

How Do the Machines Work?

The pressure washer machines could either contain an engine that is fueled by gas or contain a water pump that is powered electrically by a motor.

Water is accelerated by the pump with a supply from the garden hose which produces great pressure. The hose with high pressure clamps the washer.

A water gun is clipped at the end of the hose containing a nozzle that allows a mixture of water and air out when the trigger is pulled.

The pressure washer machines can spray gently with reduced pressure for efficient cleaning or aggressively wipe out dirt with the jet pressurized.

When deciding on the most significant machine for your washing, The following terms are considered;

  • Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI): This is what gives the machine the power to run through mud and dirt. It evaluates the force of water at the output and calculates it at pounds per square inch.
  • Gallon Per Minute (GPM): It aids in Cleaning away and breaking down dirt. It deals with the water supply to the spray gun and evaluates it in gallons per minute.

Components of a Pressure Washer and how to pressure wash.

Components compiled onto a metal frame together in a single unit to make up the machine include; a water pump, electric motor referred to as a gas engine, water inlet, high-pressure hose, and a nozzle attachment.

Pressure washing should start from about four feet apart, coming nearer or closer. Start working in small areas and move away from the surface to minimize pressure on it regardless of the nozzle used.

Removing tough stains put the sprayer nearer to the surface to increase pressure, and if it doesn’t work use a lower grade nozzle.

Vertical surfaces need a lot more keen attention when cleaning. You should begin from the bottom and work upwards. This is to prevent steering water underneath the exterior that may result in decay and blight.

Varying Prices of different Washer Machines.

Pressure washer price in Kenya fluctuates reasonably relying on several factors including the pressure washers’ energy sources and how adequately it tidies up surfaces.

Pressure washers that use gas for power are likely to be the most expensive. Electric ones are a little more affordable with a rather affordable price while the washer machines that use batteries fall right in the middle with an average cost.

Gas washers are most preferred for frequent use in major cleaning projects as they generate an excellent amount of tidying power and generally outperform the other washer machines that are why they go at a higher price.

Pressure washers that use batteries provide great user mobility and could be perfect as they can be transported anywhere. You just need to fill its bucket which is portable and you are ready to use it for cleaning. It goes for an average affordable price.

Electronic washers are economically friendly and could be used in place of gas washers. They can produce an almost equal amount of Pressure and cleaning power as the gas model. Moreover, you do not need to stress about gasoline or oil.

How to Store and Maintain the Machine

Pressure washer machines are designed to last long and provide a reliable function. Nevertheless, just like all machines, you need to consider the following factors;

For short-term storage which is about two to three weeks, you need to clean dirt off the machine after use and store it in an enclosed place such as your garage.

For long-term storage which is about two to three months, you should ensure that the tank is always filled with fuel together with the fuel stabilizer in the tank.

You should also perform a scheduled maintenance accordion to the manual provided to you by your owner. If the climate is cool, or during winter, you should add a Briggs and Stratton pump freezer to protect the pump from freezing.


We can therefore conclude that pressure washer machines are the best choice when it comes to cleaning your vehicles, your backyards, or any other form of cleaning that requires the removal of tough stains from a surface.

We can see that these machines are available and have varieties that suit everyone according to their ability financially. It can clean gently or with pressure depending on how tough your stains are on the surface.

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