Draft Beer Drip Tray Types and Sizes

If your bar is equipped with a beer dispensing system, you can not do without such an important component as a draft beer drip tray.

Having the right drip tray will keep your bar area clean and attractive for your patrons.

Keep reading for more advice on the most popular models and sizes, as well as where to buy them.

Beer Drip Tray Types and Their Differences

Beer drip trays come in many variations:

  • Platform Trays are designed for mounting on the countertop. They are compact and stylish.
  • Countertop is also mounted on top of the bar counter. This is one of the most versatile products that can be used with almost all kinds of beer towers, as well as with coffee machines.
  • Cut Out Drip Trays are another great option for mounting on the countertop. The main difference from the previous model – they have a special cutout to fit the beer tower.
  • Wall mount drip trays are typically installed on vertical surfaces. For example, on the wall under the beer faucets, or near a kegerator door. These devices work great with a double tap draft system. While you are filling a glass, you can have the other glasses resting on the same tray.
  • Kegerator Drip Trays — are simple devices that are in demand among homebrewers.
  • Clamp On is a durable, versatile tray that can be easily moved from place to place. It does not require mounting.

Also, all these products have different modifications depending on the type of profile, the configuration of the rinse, the availability of a drain system, etc.

How to Choose a Draft Beer Drip Tray Size?

To choose the best drip tray for your bar, you need to consider:

  • The dimensions of the tabletop, wall or the surface that you need to protect from drops;
  • Size and shape of your beer tower;
  • Number of beer towers.

There are various configurations available: 6х6, 11х6, 10х5, 15х5, 20х5, 30х5, 18х8, 28х10, 20х10 inches, etc. This is not the whole range: we have specified only the most popular sizes that are suitable for home and commercial brewing.

Do you know how to choose the best option for your bar?

Please contact Beverage Craft consultants. Here you will be helped to choose the optimal model and size of draft beer drip tray, which will meet all the needs of your establishment.

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