Double Hung Windows – Everything You Need to Know

The best windows are the ones that have a long-lasting seal that won’t wear out over time. Double hung windows often meet this standard because there is a gap at the top of these windows that prevents rainwater from seeping in and rotting away the interior structures. Moreover, You can open double hung windows to give you access to fresh air when it’s hot outside (and they don’t leak cold air in winter).

If you are hurrying to replace your windows and want the best price possible, you will want to make the best choice of double hung windows. come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, and you’ll find that double hung is the most popular choice. When you need to buy double hung windows, you might have a few questions on your mind before you make a final decision. 

But is this a good thing? For some, it’s the best feature that a window can have, but for others, it’s a serious liability. If you’re looking to buy new windows for your home, or if you’re wondering whether you should replace old windows with better ones, then here’s everything you need to know about double hung windows.

What Is A Double Hung Window

A double-hung window, also commonly referred to as a double-hung sash window, is a window that’s made up of a series of two panels that slide up and down to control the amount of air in or out. Although these windows are typically found in residential buildings, they can also be found in commercial buildings because these are some of the most energy-efficient windows available.

It has two operable sashes, one fixed and one that can be raised or lowered. As the name suggests, this window is best suited to climates where it’s hot and humid in the summer and where there’s a lot of precipitation in the winter. Double hung windows are often called casement windows in colder climates where there isn’t much precipitation.

Difference Between Single Hung And Double Hung Windows

Compared with single hung windows, double hung windows are more energy efficient because there is less space between the two panes of glass. On the other hand, single hung windows can be opened horizontally, while double hung windows can be opened vertically.

A single hung has the top sash fixed in place and is opened by raising the bottom sash up. When the window is in use, the top sash acts as a screen and is raised to let air flow through.

On the other hand, a double hung window has a series of two sashes that both move independently. The top sash can be raised or lowered, while the bottom sash is fixed in place and vice-versa. The open space between these two sashes allows air to flow through.

What Is The Advantage Of A Double Hung Window

Insulated double hung windows are considered to be the most energy-efficient windows available on the market. This is because these windows have two sections of glass, with an air space in between them. When you open a double hung window, this air space allows cold air from outside to mix with warm air inside while still keeping the cold out.

This property makes double hung windows a great choice for homes and businesses located in areas where there’s a large disparity between high and low temperatures. These windows are also economical because they can be used with or without a storm window. So contact a to buy double hung replacement windows for your home.

What Are Double Hung Windows Made Of

Double hung windows are made from vinyl and aluminum. Vinyl is often chosen because it’s inexpensive and easy to work with. Aluminum is used because it’s durable and it doesn’t rust.

Both of these materials are relatively lightweight, which is why double hung windows are so popular for their energy efficiency.

In addition to the materials used to make well-made double hung windows, these windows also have reinforced sashes and frames. This helps improve the window’s durability and ability to last over time.

If you’re purchasing new double hung windows, you’ll have a wide range of styles to choose from. 


Double hung windows are a great choice for homeowners because of their energy efficiency. They’re also quite affordable and versatile, which makes them a popular window for homes, offices, schools, and businesses.

But if you’re planning on replacing old windows with double hung windows, then be sure to buy the best window available on the market. Doing this will help you maintain optimal energy efficiency while still providing you with all the benefits that double hung windows offer.

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