Class 10 Science MCQs – Electricity and Magnetic Effect of Electric Current

Science is an important subject where we learn about the presence and evolution of matters and objects available in the real world. In the same way, electricity plays an important role in human life. It is a source that makes our life easier. In Class 10 Science Chapter 12, we will come across Electricity and Chapter 13 will explain the magnetic effect of electric current. Both chapters are related to each other. Hence, we have provided multiple choice questions (MCQs) for both topics.

Science is a subject of various concepts. Each concept could be related to real-life applications to understand in a better way. MCQ on Electricity Class 10 will give an insight into the concept with the different types of questions provided here. Solving these questions will help students to have a quick revision before they appear for the examinations. Before we move ahead to solve these objective types of questions, let us get a brief of both chapters.

Introduction to Electricity and Magnetic Effect of Electric Current

Electricity, as we know, has a major place in our modern world. The uses of electricity can be seen on a vast scale and in industries. It is the most convenient and controllable source of energy that is used at home, hospitals, schools, etc. In Chapter 12, we will learn about electric current and circuit, electric potential and potential difference, how to draw a circuit diagram, ohm’s law, factors affecting the resistance of a conductor, and other related topics.

The previous chapter explains more about the heating effect of electricity and the related phenomena. Magnetic effect of electric current Class 10 MCQ is provided here that includes the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, magnetic field and lines, right-hand thumb rule, electric motor, electric generator, etc. After reading chapter 13, students are advised to solve the MCQs to test their knowledge.

MCQs on Class 10 Science Chapter 12 and Chapter 13

The multiple choice questions are the best practice questions for students who are appearing for Class 10 Science exams. All these questions have multiple answers in which students must choose the correct answer. The questions are formulated per the CBSE syllabus for the Class 10 academic session 2022-2023. To get a good grasp on chapters 12 and 13 of the Science subject, answer these questions and score more marks in the exam.