Boot Fashion – How To Combine Boots And Ankle Boots

Don’t feel like moon boots? Boots such as brown boots for men and ankle boots greatly enhance winter outfits. In this article about boot fashion, you can read how to combine them stylishly.

What you need:

  • boots
  • ankle boots
  • skinny jeans
  • leggings
  • long shirt
  • gauntlets
  • miniskirt
  • A-line skirt
  • bell-shaped skirt

Especially in the cold season, boot fashion is always highly trendy. It’s no longer warm enough for pumps and ballerinas, so a chic alternative is needed. Both boots and ankle boots are extremely suitable for autumn and winter – but they don’t look good with everything. In the following, you can read how to combine the two types of shoes greatly.

Boot Fashion: Combine Boots Correctly

The classic boot fashion is, of course, the right boots. In the case of boots, the shaft extends to the calf, to the knee, or even beyond. They are available with high and flat heels and in various colors. But which outfits go well with boots, and how do you do it right? Here are some suggestions.

Since the revival of skinny jeans, wearing jeans tucked into boots has become very popular. This look always looks good, but it only works with skinny jeans, never with trousers with a wider cut. The top should match the color of the pants or boots.

Leggings can also be combined with boots: the leggings are also put into the boots, and you can wear a short dress or a long shirt over them. With this very feminine look, the boots can be a bit bulky.

You can also wear a skirt with boots. However, you should pay attention to the following: If your boots are flat, it must be a mini skirt so that your legs do not appear short.

Ankle boots – a great alternative

If boots are not your thing, chic ankle boots are a good choice. These only reach the ankle or just above it and look much more delicate than boots.

However, ankle boots don’t go so well with jeans, as tucking in your pants would look weird. On the other hand, if you wear jeans over them, you can no longer tell that your shoes are ankle boots.

Better: Wear leggings with ankle boots and combine them with cuffs. The cuffs should look out of the top of the booties and be pulled up to the calf. Colorful legwarmers make your winter outfits more cheerful.

What always looks great with ankle boots are A-shaped or bell-shaped skirts. You can wear fancy skirts because of the dainty, discreet shoe.

However, the following also applies to ankle boots: the color of the shoes must match the trousers, skirt, or top.

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