Best Way to Write College Essay

A college essay is a unique opportunity for you to show what you have to offer. You should show what makes you unique and not the typical applicant. Here are some tips to help you write an effective essay: Pick a topic that is personal to you. Avoid off-color language and one-liners. Or you can take help from to write a perfect essay.

Avoid reusing essays for school-specific prompts

While reusing essays for different college prompts is common practice, it’s best to avoid it when possible. While it may save time and allow you to focus on writing good essays, you should avoid using the same essay for different prompts. Instead, choose essays that have a similar topic, but are not completely dissimilar in terms of the school or the prompt.

One of the biggest mistakes that students make is reusing essays that are too generic for each college. Even though many colleges have similar prompts and questions, some may have different requirements. Thus, it’s important to tailor each essay to fit each college. This may involve a few edits, a total overhaul, or even writing a new essay entirely. In any case, it’s better to write an original essay for each college.

Pick a topic that’s right for you

Pick a topic that reflects your personality and interests. A topic that’s cliched and boring will do you no favors. Instead, choose a topic that represents you, your unique skills, and the things you value in life. For example, you may have had an experience that impacted your life profoundly, and you could write about it.

If you don’t know what to write about, start by brainstorming. You can start by scanning through your memory and thinking about an event that shaped you. This process will provide you with plenty of ideas, and it will help you narrow down your topic choices.

Avoid one-liners

One of the best ways to make your college essay memorable is by using one-liners. These are memorable because they boil down complex truths into a single salient point. One-liners also tend to be popular – a good one can go viral. In fact, one-liners can make your college essay go viral if you use them correctly. Most people don’t remember the details of a story, but a good one-liner sticks in the reader’s mind.

Another great way to make an essay memorable is to incorporate a personal perspective. Personal essays are a great way to showcase your passions and expertise. They can be reused at other colleges and will also show how strong your writing skills are.

Avoid off-color language

When writing a college essay, it is important to avoid using off-color language. Although humor can be effective, it can also come off as unprofessional or inappropriate. In addition, it can make your essay boring or dreary. Keep in mind that your essay is your opportunity to show your personality and thought process.

You should also avoid mentioning highly personal or delicate topics. Examples of these topics are severe illness, disability, or injury. Although you may feel inspired to discuss a particular challenge you faced as a young adult, be sure to keep your language non-scary and non-graphic.

Describe a time when you made a meaningful contribution to others

If you’re writing a college essay, describe a time when you made a meaningful, yet lasting contribution to the world. This topic can be a material contribution or an emotional one. Whatever it is, it should be significant to both parties involved. The key to making this essay stand out is to keep it personal and relevant. You can discuss your past experiences, personal challenges, and talents. In addition, you can explain how your experiences contribute to a more diverse learning environment.

The topic of your college essay should be based on something that you are proud of and that has helped you learn something important about yourself. You should start by telling details of your “time.” Include the challenges and rewards you faced and how you felt afterwards.


When writing your college essay, it’s important to keep your audience in mind. Although the college application process can feel bureaucratic and faceless at times, it’s important to remember that your essay will be read by a real person. Even if it’s Harvard’s reader, who reads hundreds of college applications a year, it’s important to keep this person’s perspective in mind.

Using different audience tests is a great way to see how your essay is viewed by the different people reading it. The Great College Essay Test is one resource you can use to test your essay. Also, you can find prompts 1, 2, 5 and 7 for the Common App.

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