Best Free VPN Services

Looking for a quick and cost-effective VPN service? Using a free VPN will give you instant access to blocked websites in addition to one-click anonymity. The use of free VPN has seen an abrupt rise in the recent past as an increasing number of Netizens take a stand against cybercrime, online surveillance and geo-restrictions.

Free VPN Features and Functions

Virus services often have feature restrictions such as a limited number of servers, almost no protocols, bandwidth restrictions, speed throttles, and connection time limitations, as well as comprehensive compatibility for operating systems and devices. A free VPN account is a perfect tool for protecting your iPhone from viruses or online security, privacy, and anonymity if you have nothing to lose and are not planning to carry out any sensitive/personal internet activities. To further elaborate the limitations of Free VPN services, we put together a chart outlining how exactly these “Free” VPNs aren’t that free at all:

Most free VPN services have limited traffic quotas. This means that only a limited number of people can login at any given time. Anybody attempting to connect to a free VPN server while the traffic quota is full will be prompted to wait until another free VPN user’s time limit exhausts and the connection is dropped. Yes, there is a time limit, that will also apply to you once you are connected. Protect your privacy online with a VPN. Find out how to choose the best one for you in this comprehensive guide.

Once you are connected, you will find yourself under fire from pop-ups ads. Usually these ads are powered by the free VPN software and can harm/slow your computer through malware.

Free VPN services usually don’t have the resources to establish global VPN server spreads, which is why they usually don’t allow you to pick the VPN server country of your choice. Also, they do not have the software of network architecture to offer SmartDNS as an add-on.


Most free VPN services do not have much to offer, and don’t have a lot of features. Using a free VPN is acceptable as long as you are looking to get the job done and don’t mind the limitations that tag along.

You can either make peace with the restrictions and security risks that come with free VPN services or you can save your data, online privacy, internet freedom and your money by opting for a premium and professional VPN service. Every teenager with a laptop in a coffee shop is trying to hack accounts over public WiFis these days, and a VPN is your last line of defense.

If this is your first time using a VPN, then consider a free VPN to be a tutorial for the real deal. It will unblock websites for you and cloak your IP address as well, but it won’t put you in the driving seat of your data encryption and tunneling features.