Avoid these 5 mistakes after a motorcycle accident in Georgia

Motorcyclists are often at risk of suffering major injuries in road accidents. If you were injured in such a mishap in Georgia, knowing your rights is crucial. While you can find online information on state laws, remember that every injury claim is unique. You need to seek bespoke legal advice from an expert, especially someone who specializes in personal injury law and handles motorcycle accident claims as a part of regular practice. You can read more here about a free consultation with top lawyers. Here are the five mistakes to avoid after such mishaps.

Mistake #1 – Assuming there’s no need for medical care

When you suddenly suffer an impact, the immediate adrenaline rush makes it possible to feel as much pain or trauma. It often happens that motorcyclists discover injuries days after an accident. Please don’t assume that your injuries are minor and don’t require medical care. If you are seriously hurt, call 911 from the scene or check with an injury doctor makeeover later.

Mistake #2 – Not preserving evidence

The accident scene is full of information that can come in handy for your claim. Take pictures if you can, and keep your clothing and protective gear safe. Also, unless absolutely necessary or until your lawyer says so, do not repair your motorcycle.

Mistake #3 – Not following the treatment plan

If your doctor has advised you on a treatment plan or has asked you to stay away from work for a certain time, listen to them. Missing your appointments or not following the advice of your physician may make it hard for you to recover a settlement.

Mistake #4 – Admitting fault

Even when you think the motorcycle accident happened because of your negligence, do not admit that to the police or anyone else. Do not post anything on social media or talk to friends and family, as that could have implications.

Mistake #5 – Not hiring a lawyer

No matter what anyone tells you, hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer is absolutely necessary. It would help if you had someone who is experienced, has worked on such claims, and is available to fight for you. Georgia law firms don’t charge anything immediately for injury lawsuits, and you can expect the lawyer to handle the insurance claim and relevant paperwork.

Data shows that injured victims who hire an attorney after a motorcycle accident are more likely to get fair compensation for their claims. Don’t step back from hiring legal representation.  

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