Argyle Pink Diamonds Investment

With inflation threatening to devalue the dollar, hard assets like Argyle pink diamonds are a great choice for investing. Not only do they provide protection from inflation, but their rarity and value make them a great choice. Read on to discover the benefits of purchasing an Argyle diamond. Read on to learn how they can increase in value. Argyle diamonds are a great choice for inflation protection and hard asset diversification.

Argyle diamonds

An Argyle pink diamonds investment is a great way to get into the rare and highly coveted stones. As rare as they are, these gems will increase in value as the Argyle mine continues to produce diamonds. The constant production of these gems ensures that prices remain reasonable. These gems are also an excellent hedge against inflation, since the demand for these diamonds will only increase over time. Investors should not invest in these gems simply for the profit, but for a better investment strategy.

Investing in Argyle pink diamonds can also provide significant financial rewards. As the demand for pink diamonds continues to increase worldwide, there is an opportunity for an even higher return on investment. The beautiful Australian product is attracting international attention and clients are purchasing these precious stones for personal use. The Argyle Mine is expected to run out of pink diamonds after 2020, so you can expect further appreciation in value.

Argyle diamonds value

Argyle pink diamonds value is likely to stay high, as demand for these beautiful gemstones is constantly on the rise. With the limited supply of this rare gem and the high demand for pink diamonds, the Argyle diamonds are sure to continue to rise in price. Because of the Argyle Tender, these diamonds can command triple digit prices. This is good news for collectors of these gemstones.

Although pink diamonds represent only 1% of the overall Argyle mine’s production, they are the rarest of the rare. There are approximately one carat of pink diamonds for every million carats of rough diamonds mined. Only 40 to 50 carats are sold at auctions each year. However, the diamonds’ high prices have only increased their value. In addition, there is an Argyle diamonds value that keeps rising even with the current economic conditions.

Argyle diamonds rarity

The Argyle pink diamonds are among the most sought after gems in the world. The mine owned by Rio Tinto is set to run dry by 2021, making them an investment rarity. Consequently, if you are considering purchasing one of these gems, it is important to act fast. The market for this rare gem is incredibly competitive, and there is no better time to invest than now.

Argyle diamonds are more expensive than other pink diamonds. This is because of the color, which is the most important criterion for fancy-colored blood diamonds pricing. Argyle diamonds are known to be exceptionally rare, and the higher the color purity, the more expensive the stone. Fortunately, diamond polishing technology has improved, allowing polishing of these stones to be easier and more consistent.

Argyle diamonds inflation protection

Argyle pink diamonds are a rare and stunning investment that can be used in creating stunning jewelry. Not only are these diamonds beautiful, but their limited supply makes them an excellent choice for inflation protection. They can be worn and stored for a very long time, which means significant gains over time. You can also make your own jewelry to match your budget and style. Read on to learn more about these precious diamonds and how they can protect your money.

While you can invest in gold or silver, it is wise to buy an investment grade pink diamond. Not only are these diamonds rare, but they are also relatively inexpensive. The Argyle mine is continuing to produce diamonds, which keeps current prices low. They are a great inflation hedge for investors. After all, they buy diamonds because they expect their value to increase over time. That means that as long as the demand for diamonds remains high, prices will rise. However, investors should keep in mind that inflation protection isn’t the same as profit-generating.

Argyle diamonds retail mark-up

The Argyle seam has been the source of a few top-tier pink diamonds for decades. Rio Tinto, which owns the mine, has aggressively marketed the brand, launching an invitation-only tender for diamonds in the 1980s. These coloured stones are rarer than white diamonds, and the drastic reduction in supply may have triggered a spike in demand.


Argyle diamonds are usually cut into four different shapes. Approximately eighty-nine percent of the Argyle diamonds were cut into rectangular and square shapes, respectively. These shapes are often referred to as “radiants” in the trade. They are often cut in step faceting to maximize weight retention. The second-most-common style is the round brilliant. The oval brilliants were chosen to accentuate face-up color appearance and maximize weight retention.

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