Are Specialist Advances Monetarily Valuable For Clinical Experts?

Specialists are often deemed to be valuable for their skills, but are they also valuable for the broader society? Physicians are paid to practice medicine, and the increasing number of patients receiving specialist care has led to an increase in their salaries. But too many specialists is not always beneficial for society. While specialists are highly respected for their knowledge, too many can make hospitals disorganized and overworked.

Accepted facts become outdated:

The emergence of evidence-based medicine (EBM) has generated much interest in health care and has created a better environment for clinical expertise and the application of evidence-based medicine. As medical knowledge increases, previously accepted facts become outdated, and clinicians must keep up with the explosion of new scientific research. One recent study suggested that a general practitioner should read up to 19 scientific articles per day to remain up-to-date, but many doctors are only able to find the time for an hour or two a week.

The clinical practices of physician:

The evolution of medicine has impacted all aspects of life, from the basic science of biology to the clinical practices of physicians. A half-century ago, three-quarters of America’s doctors were general practitioners. By 1960, specialists outnumbered general practitioners. By 1970, only a quarter of doctors were general practitioners, and medical expenditures grew by an equal percentage. This trend continued for decades, and continues today.

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