Affectance Of Religious Discrimination On The Careers Of New York Employees

Considering the religious faith entertained by a specific employee while engaging in any decision-making regarding the procedure of hiring, promotion, or firing is illegal. As per federal law, every employee has the right and freedom to follow their own religion. But these are not well executed as the law demands, and often minorities, i.e., people belonging to specific minor religions, emerge as victims of religious discrimination. Such discriminations might sometimes be quite apparent, while most of the time, they are subtle, which makes it difficult for the employee to survive in a particular workplace. A New York employment law attorney will offer all the necessary assistance to the victim to fight for one’s rights and freedom as an employee.

But apart from seeking help from an attorney and engaging in a legal procedure, such situations take a toll on the emotional and mental health of the employee, which eventually results in a loss of productivity and, as a result, might destroy the career of the employee. Here’s how religious discrimination in a workplace might affect an employee:

One Might Be Perceived As A Less Dedicated Employee By The Employer:

Every religion has some religious duties that the follower of the specific religion must undertake. Therefore, the employer must grant unique leaves to comply with all religious services. But if the employer finds this to be a reason for reduced dedication to the work and prefers others who place their job above everything, it might affect their promotion or the employer’s decision in considering one. A denied promotion as a result of this might be excessively frustrating to handle and, as a result, might lead to a loss of productivity.

One Might Be Forced To Choose Between The Job And One’s Religious Faith:

Sometimes the employer tends to decline the request for a specific day off that an employee might need to fulfil religious duties. In such cases, there remain only two options: compromise with one’s religious faith or leave the job. Such decisions are tough to undertake and stress out the individual emotionally and mentally. 

One Might Suffer Socially Due To A Co-worker’s Misconduct:

Most often, religious discrimination comes from a co-worker and not an employee. Although one has several rights to fight against such discrimination, they often prove to be psychologically and emotionally damaging, which requires the attention of a counselor. Additionally, it also becomes extremely difficult for them to pursue their career any further.

Final Thoughts:

Although religious discrimination in the workplace is distressing, one might seek help from an experienced attorney to gain knowledge about one’s rights and all the legal options available to sue an employer or a co-worker.

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