Advantages of Free Education

Should education be free? There are people who oppose this idea of free education because they think that the government spends a lot of money on the education of the whole country so that the literacy rate of the country can be improved at every level. Today school managements are opting for modern tools like software for school management & institute ERP which has changed the face of school management and improved the process of teaching-learning.  But usually, students do not get a chance to have this fortune due to lack of that necessary amount of money which is needed for basic education. As an illiterate person it is like a pistol without a safety lock. For example, if an illiterate person has to give medicine to maru gujarat someone and he is not able to read the name of medicine, he can give wrong medicine & can kill the patient instead of curing him/her. Well, these days the presence of online education has already played a good role in increasing literacy rate. Online teaching has been proven boon to middle class students from which they prepare their notes mostly. Online teaching is providing them with study material for which they have to pay a heavy amount of money as fees earlier.

Although the government film indir mobil is trying hard to provide education to the nation at most possible extent by freeing education in all government schools till high school. It is often seen that the countries who support free education for children, their population is highly educated and their citizens highly innovative and creative in all fields. Following the above stated facts let’s understand the other benefits of free education. Those nations where free education is not available there, students have to take heavy loans in order to study higher education but in those nations where free education is available there, students get the benefits of reduced rate of loan therefore they get the benefit of free education and they attain qualification of higher education. When students complete their academics and they have to enter graduation courses then they have to make choices of their favorite subjects but study of some subjects are very costly and many of the student can’t afford learning of those courses due to weak economic conditions but due to free education students get the chance to choose subjects of their interest and passion. Now due to free education students can make their dreams come true. Now those students who weren’t aware of simple ERP full form become able to be doctors, engineers and acquire various such professions which have great contribution in the development of the nation. Due to free education all those nations who are allowing this are getting a very high rate of literacy and students there are getting higher education and are contributing a lot in the economy of those countries by making them strong on international level.

Due free education is available, a big mass of students is now getting graduated in those nations who support it and a big mass is turning into educated and literate from illiterate and knowledgeless. This is changing their lifestyle and mode of earning livelihood too. Now the hidden talents and skills of the youth of many countries are getting support for education and they are making their own recognition on international level and making their countries proud. This whole new change is getting support also technically from the modern tools of education like software for school management and institute ERP. When youth of the country gain access to the free education then this youth brings many facilities to their nation and also get the benefits of those facilities. Due to free education, an educated society develops and it brings the sense of equality among the people of the nation. People leave discrimination behind and make a fresh start where each and every citizen contributes in the development of the nation. Not a big deal to mention that such nations develop very rapidly in economic status also and their dependency on other nations decreases due to their educated citizens. Citizens of such nations get the resources and knowledge to improve and enhance their lifestyle due to which the social structure of such nations also improves where free education is there.

Education is the birth right of every human being hence no one can stop any one to attain knowledge or education. Every child sees a dream to attain education and improve his or her life style because scholars have said that only education can change the fortune of a human being because doesn’t matter a human can get unlimited treasure but what to do with that treasure this sense can be attained by that person only if he or she is educated. There was a time when education or higher education was just a dream for the students because of rising the cost of education which a middle-class family or poor family student won’t be able to afford therefore students used to leave the education after a particular time. But thanks to online education which provided education to those students also who had not even dreamt of being educated but still some higher education courses demand a particular fee while enrollment and again students have to compromise with their dreams. So once again students have to bury their passion in their hearts and leave the home in order to earn a livelihood. Government of few countries took this into concern as it is said that educated citizens are the base of a growing country and as much stronger this base will be that much stronger that nation will be on international level, hence few countries made basic education completely free due to which literacy rate touched the sky-high limits of those countries and people there are now well-educated and they earn their own livelihood.

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