A Beginner’s Guide to Vapes

A vape, short for a vaporiser, is an electronic device that runs on batteries and is used to vaporise various substrates of choice for inhalation. Several substances can be used, the most common being plant-based substances such as tobacco, herbs, or essential oils. Vapes can also be filled with several substances in solution form. The blend contains glycerin, nicotine, tetrahydrocannabinol, or propylene glycol. Vape mods are of the following types

  • Box Mod Vapes
  • Pod Mod Vapes
  • Mini Mod Vapes

The Structure of a Vape

A vape is made of metal or glass and contains several extraction chambers. A straight bore and a sequential venturi form the structure of the vape. The extracted vapour is inhaled through a hose or pipe, and the residue is collected in an inflatable bag.

Types of Vape Mods

●      Box Mod Vape

A box mod vape is built with the latest technology, allowing the vape to control the vaping process. The device stores the liquid in a tank. These vapes have an in-built temperature controller that ensures that the vapours are vaporised according to their thickness and height. There are several benefits to using a box mod vape, including:

  • They have an in-built temperature controller.
  • They can achieve a more intense flavour from the substance used.
  • The wattage and power of the vaporiser can be controlled. A high wattage delivers intense flavour, while on the other hand, a low wattage is gentle on the throat.
  • They have a longer battery life.
  • They have a provision to customise the tank.

●      Pod Mod Vape

Pod mods store the e-liquid in a disposable plastic pod rather than a tank. This vape is lighter as well as smaller when compared to a box mod vape. Pod mods are easy to refill and come in various varieties. The pod mod comes with two to three replaceable coils.

●      Mini Mod Vape

A mini-mod vape is not only smaller but also lighter when compared to a pod-mod vape. These pods are easy to carry without any hassle; they come with the latest technology and offer automatic coil detection, temperature control, and power control. A mini-mod is exceptionally durable as it has a high shock resistance.

Features of a Good Vape

Good User Interface

An efficient vape has the best user interface, enabling the user to control the vaping experience completely. Nowadays, vapes have bigger displays and features like temperature control, bypass modes, custom power curves, wattage, and power control. All these features can be used with the click of a button.


Durability is the essential feature and the key to buying a good vape. The vape should have the following features to be durable:

  • It should have high shock resistance when it drops on any surface.
  • It should be water-resistant.
  • It should not let any dust or unwanted foreign particles inside while vaping.
  • It should have automatic coil detection.

Automatic Coil Detection

With in-built coil detection, the vaporiser automatically sets itself to the ideal power and temperature level, although you can adjust the power according to your needs. Another advantage is that it prevents the coil from burning due to the high power level.

In Conclusion

Vape mods have many features to offer. They are affordable, come with the latest technology, and have an excellent user interface. This lets the user have the best vaping experience. Box mods are the best of all vapes, as they have the latest user interface and the best features.