7 Top Road Trips for 2023 be sure to review

Road trips can be relaxing and educational. You can connect with nature or enjoy small-town adventures with the right road trip. The good news is you have enough time to squeeze in a weekend road trip before the kids return to school.

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Here are seven top road trips to consider all over the U.S.

National Coal Heritage Trail

Head south to the National Coal Heritage Trail in West Virginia. You’ll get a dose of the coal-mining history, explore old railway lines, and visit mining towns. This route is a National Scenic Byway and offers tremendous scenery as you navigate the state.

Georgia Sea Islands

If you’re a bit farther south, you can take a road trip along the seashore from South Carolina to Georgia and northern Florida. This trip takes you through a huge state park, a lighthouse in St. Simons, and Jekyll and Cumberland Islands. You can also tour the ruins of Dungeness Mansion.

Route 66

Route 66 starts in downtown Chicago and ends at the Santa Monica Pier, passing through Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and lastly, California. So, you can jump on the route and explore whatever is near you. Get your fill of small-town Americana or see the national parks.

Mackinac Island

If you live up north, you can take a delightful trip to the iconic Mackinac Island. You can drive across the 5-mile Mackinac Bridge and begin to explore the scenic shoreline of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on US-2. You can stop to enjoy the awesome sand dunes, breathtaking overlooks, and gorgeous Lake Michigan.

Wyoming Adventure

Take a thrilling ride into Wyoming and be awe-inspired by the beauties of nature. Along the route, you pass through Cheyenne, admire the bison at Terry Bison Ranch, and get a taste of the Wild West with stores and more. The route ends at the east entrance of the glorious Yellowstone Park.

Highway 1

Whether you live on the East or West Coast, you can partake in an adventure on Highway 1. From Ocean City, Maryland, to Sacramento, California, you will find a 3,000-mile highway. Take the route along the Pacific Coast Highway, explore the waterfalls and sand dunes, and don’t miss Ragged Point. Get a thrill from cliffside driving, with stunning ocean views all around.

Big Sur

This hotspot is along Highway 1 and will provide you with amazing photos. Along this section of Highway 1, you’ll discover towering mountains and many twists and hairpin turns as the ocean expands next to you. It’s such a scenic part of the country where many Hollywood movies have been filmed. Take in the breathtaking waterfalls, blooming trees, and pure white coastline.

Stay Safe as You Travel

As always, pack water and some snacks to keep your passengers happy while driving. Make friends but use caution when visiting a new place. And don’t forget to snap plenty of pictures for a one-of-a-kind photo album you can make with the kids when you get home.

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