6 Funny Christmas Gifts for Women To Give Her This Holiday

Indeed, Christmas is not all about expensive gifts and parties, but we all have women around us. Sacrificing their lives for our comfort, protection, and health.

Then why not gift funny Christmas gifts to give them a burst of laughter?

But you are confused about what to gift them?
Let’s have a look.

A funny gift is not purchased with money only, but there must also be some sense. Here are some ideas for you.

1: Anti-Sarcasm Breath Spray

Is she the biggest sarcastic? How about gifting her an anti-sarcasm spray and bringing out the funny, ironic moment at the party? This could be the best thing if she is cool enough to bear such ironies on herself. However, women who don’t like to be treated like they did to others will not like this one, so skip it.

2: Funny Achievement Stickers

Every woman likes to be appreciated, but how about turning that into fun? Examples of funny achievement stickers are a pack of stickers with an appreciation for funny works like driving without swearing, taking only one selfie, didn’t lose my keys. It’s a way of making her feel important and responsible in a funny way.

3: Fifty Shades of Chicken Cookbooks

Nothing better than gifting a cookbook to women who can’t cook well. It might create a moment of silence at the party, but there will be a peal of chilling laughter among everyone. Cooking chicken is not rocket science, but some women can’t even do it. Make them realize gifting fifty shades of chicken cookbooks this Christmas eve.

4: Born To Shop Earrings

Some women have an extra desire to shop almost every second day, and the surprising thing is many can’t stop themselves from shopping. Such women can be gifted with born-to-shop earrings. It will work as a compliment and suggestion that they should not shop too much. This gift is suitable for your wife if she empties your monthly credit card!

5: Daily Mood Desk Flipchart

Is she a moody woman, or does she switch her mood too much? Gift her a daily mood desk flipchart on coming Christmas. It’s funny yet helpful for people around her to understand how they should act with her. Let the Christmas party turn into a fun party with this exciting gift.

6: I Love You, Toilet Paper

Want to show your girl that you love her from top to bottom? Show it in a funny way on Christmas by giving her an I love you printed toilet paper. It will be funny cleaning herself with toilet paper with loving words.

Wrapping Up

You must have already decided which funny Christmas gift you will buy. There are also other funny Christmas gag gifts for women if you need more ideas. Whatever you buy, focus on the personality of the woman to whom you’ll gift. Remember that not every gift is suitable and funny for every woman. Best of luck with your gift choice; we hope your “special woman” would it, whether she is your mom, girlfriend, or daughter.

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