4 Home Improvements That Improve Your House Price

Your home is one of the biggest financial investments you will ever make in your life, and a part of your retirement funding is tied up in your property value. When the time comes to sell your home, you need as big a return on your investment as you can get to help you move up the property ladder, plan for your later years, or fund your kid’s college tuition. Here are the four best ways to improve your home to add to its value and make it a property that house buyers want.

Decor Is a Deal Breaker

Having a freshly decorated home can have an impact on your property value. This obviously depends greatly on your taste, but if you are preparing to sell your home you could benefit in a couple of ways from making your living spaces look neutral. Give the next owners a blank canvas to project their personalities upon. Patterned wallpaper is dated, and bold or strong colors can be off-putting. Use whites, off-whites, and yellows to make a bright space that welcomes viewers.

Not only does doing this give your property value a little boost, but it also makes your home more desirable to potential buyers. This can be incredibly beneficial as if you get two or more interested parties you can have a little price war and look at getting a few thousand dollars above your asking price. You can decorate a home for just a few hundred dollars and enjoy a return ten times your investment.

Increase Your Curb Appeal

The first thing house buyers will see is the outside of your home. First impressions are always important. Having an untidy and poorly maintained front space is a bad way to start a relationship, especially if you are hoping to financially benefit from it. Giving your home’s front yard, driveway, and exterior a makeover can make your home much more appealing and valuable.

Car parking is important to house buyers. Having a cracked and potholed driveway can put people off the property no matter how well-appointed it is on the inside. Making a small investment in your outdoor paths and drives can yield a good return on property price and help sell your home with curb appeal. Take a look here at https://mcconnellassociates.org/asphalt/ for the perfect paving service to repair your drive and make it look new again. Your home will stand out from the crowd of others on the street, in a good way.

Add Space, Add Value

To add extra value to your home, add extra space. It does take a significant amount of money to extend a property, but the returns on the investment are huge. Put an extra bedroom in the home, with more living space below, and you will reap huge rewards from the housing market and make your house a more viable property for bigger families. Cast a wide net to reel in bigger numbers.

Converting an existing basement or attic space is a much more cost-effective option if you have it. There is a lot less building work or planning, but you still get the added space and extra property value. If you need to do some building work, choose your contractor carefully. The quality of their work will have a big impact on your return on investment. Don’t go cheap — spend a little more to get a little more in the sale price.

Gardens Are Gifts That Keep Giving

When people put their houses on the market they often focus on their indoor spaces and spruce them up, but your garden or yard is just as important. Gardens are important to families, and people who are moving into their first home from an apartment often look forward to having a garden to enjoy. Landscaping, fencing, and planting are all low-cost, high-yield ways to invest in your home.

The returns are limited, so don’t throw a lot of money at your garden. Make sure it looks presentable and attractive and try to make it more usable. Add a lounging or dining area to give it a purpose other than looking pretty. Use plants and paint to make it colorful and bright even on a cloudy day. These simple steps can add a little value, but a lot more desirability.

Use one or more, or all four, of these home improvements to boost your property value and make a quicker sale. Each of these tips will give you a return on your investment, so do not be too worried about spending the money. It will come back to you when you make the sale with some extra on top.