4 Essentials to Get Before Growing Marijuana

Growing marijuana is an art form all its own.

In fact, for some people, this is truly a life’s passion. 

If you love the plant, love to use it, love the idea of its medicinal benefits, and just frankly believe in its power to make the human experience better—then you’re probably the type of person who will want to grow your own plants someday. 

You might even want to start your own business by supplying high-quality marijuana to legal dispensaries. 

Hey, this is awesome!

However, it’s also important to understand that there’s a lot that goes into growing cannabis plants. 

And in this blog post, you’re going to learn about 4 essentials that you’ll need to get before you ever start growing.

If you’ve already done quite a bit of research on this topic, then you may already know about some of these things. 

But just in case something has slipped through your radar, these four requirements should definitely be added to your ‘further research’ list. 

Let’s dive into it. 

1. Seeds

You’ve probably already thought about this to at least a certain degree. 

However, it’s crucial that you obtain seeds for your marijuana plants. 

For best results, you’ll want to secure the seeds from a knowledgeable, experienced grower who knows what they’re selling you. 

You can waste valuable time, money, energy, and effort by just selecting seeds haphazardly from a stash you bought from someone random.

In some cases, you can even order seeds online. 

However, it’s really important to understand the legal requirements of this type of transaction before attempting to engage in it.

2. A Grow Area

Some settings will require more work to create a viable growth area than others.

For example, if you live in a cold climate, you’ll have to really be careful about setting up an environment where you can regulate the temperature to a great enough degree to ensure that the plants survive those lower temperatures. 

With that being said, you’ll almost always want to at least set up a greenhouse—if not an entire indoor grow area. 

So if you don’t have an area that you could climate control to ensure that your plants survive, that’s one of the first things you really need to procure for yourself. 

3. Grow Lights 

Another thing that you’ll need for your cannabis plants is a set of lights that will provide them with ultraviolet light, which they’ll need to grow, thrive, and survive. 

Growing cannabis is a fine-tuned affair. 

Simply setting the pot in front of the window won’t usually yield the best results. 

You’ll always want to put a little bit more consistency into the equation than this. 

You’re really going to need a set of lights that you can plug in and run for specific periods of time every day to provide a certain amount of ultraviolet light whenever it’s required.

This is one of those slightly expensive purchases that pretty much always pays for itself in the long run—and it’s crucial if you really plan to take this project seriously. 

4. An Air Circulation/Ventilation System

Purchasing and setting up an air ventilation/circulation system is crucial if you really want to make the most of your marijuana-growing project. 

And the reason for this is actually pretty simple. 

The truth of the matter is that weed is pretty susceptible to mold, mildew, and bacteria. 

And these things tend to be caused by moisture. 

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to make sure that your grow area is well ventilated, and that the air (which is already being climate controlled) is allowed to flow through the plants to wick away moisture—thus, protecting them from the damaging effects of mold and mildew. 

This can be accomplished by a set of fans—or, you may need an entire standalone circulation/ventilation system, depending on the size of your operation, whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, and what kind of climate you’re growing in. 


There you have it. 

4 essentials that you’ll need to see if you really want to grow marijuana successfully. 

Equipped with this knowledge, you can now venture forward into this adventure with a bit of knowledge about what you’ll need to buy in order to make it happen. 

Just don’t forget to do your research and learn all you can before trying to grow your first crop. 

You don’t want to lose your yield by missing out on information that you could have easily obtained by watching a few YouTube videos and getting ‘up to speed’ on the process. 

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